Sunday, July 15, 2012

Burlington...Its the place to be.

Church Street is Testing Ground for New Businesses - FOX44 - Burlington / Plattsburgh News, Weather & Sports

This sounds promising. I am going to shoot for the stars here and say that we will have a stand on both Church Street and the farmers market next year. April is when the sign up begins hopefully we will have everything in place by then. Right now we are looking at commercial kitchens in the area so that we can actually have a product to sell to our future customers. We have also received support from Eric Lampman at Lake Champlain Chocolates to hopefully get our formulation down in terms of having a bar that is both delicious and gives the energy that you need. With regards to formulation cold processing of the cacao has also peeked my interest. After visiting the local farmers market yesterday I got in touch with Wholey Cacao that makes chocolate here in Burlington using a cold processing technique. Apparently the technique retains much more of the antioxidants and makes the chocolate much more healthy for the consumer. Wholey Cacao directed me to read up on Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe which elaborates on the processing technique and the health benefits associated with raw chocolate. This is really interesting in that we want to create a chocolate that not only provides the the consumer with energy but a sustained energy that is complemented with be a healthy alternative to a cup of coffee. I'm excited for what the future holds for this project.

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