Sunday, June 3, 2012


Dude, I freaking climbed Chimborazo and it was awesome. The mountain is... I don't know how high but each step was a closer step to death. It was freaking awesome. Got to meet a cool French couple on the way up the mountain. I really need to learn more languages because I feel that is the most important thing in order to open doors to other peoples' minds and therefore stories and opportunities. I finally feel clear in the head now that I am breathing the clean fresh air in the Sierra. I see why people in India go to hill stations it literally feels cleaner here. And since Riobamba is an actual city it has food from all over the world. There is a freaking KFC here. Oh and that Italian place I found was awesome. The lasagna con pollo y popeye pizza estaba muy delicioso. Y tambian la cocinero aprendaste cocinar de su papa quien vivia en Italia por 16 anos. Mi espanol ha mejorando con tiempo. Then the burrito at San Valentin Club was bomb last night as well . And I got to meet Luis which was awesome. Ecuador is such a cool country in that you can take weekend trips to a totally different region so that your mind doesn't fall in a lull. For a country the size of Nevada the biodiversidad es increible. $5  on a bus can take you pretty much everywhere in the country whether that be the Sierra, Oriente, Costa, ... well not quite the Galapagos. I have once again fallen in love with Ecuador and have recargando mi cuerpo to return back into the jungle. Alright well time to loiter for a bit before I catch my bus. 

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