Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Batch - Varun Gopinath

Finally made the chocolate with the guayusa, sugar, and cocoa. That's it... those are the three ingredients that is going to be in the first product of Napo Natural. We might have to change the name to be more culturally sensitive. So the product in terms of testing was quite simple to process. All you need is a hand crank mill which is in essence a pulverization device and a source of heat and pressure for the raw materials. The first batch was a bit bitter. So more sugar than usual was needed to compensate for the taste. This was due to a double toasting which burned the cocoa needed to make the chocolate. So next time which is tomorrow we will solely use one toasting. It was a really fun process and we think that the idea is going quite well. Giving out chocolates tomorrow is going to be our source of data. We are actually starting it. 

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